What could be better than waking up with plenty of time to enjoy a rich tasty breakfast and savour every moment! Enjoy our rich, tempting, Mon Pays buffet, a balanced blend of joy and delicious sweet and savoury food.

Imagine yourself in front of a buffet:

  • Freshly baked cakes: jam tarts, apple pie, soft plum artisan chocolate cake.
  • Bomboloni fresh with cream
  • Homemade cookies of different types: jam, chocolate, cream and a selection of packaged cookies.
  • Fresh fruit, yoghurt, selection of cereals
  • Bread in several varieties: cereals, white, wholemeal, …
  • Coffee, milk, tea and fruit juices

If you prefer, you can also find a corner dedicated to the savory breakfast, to add power to your morning. In the corner of savory breakfast, you can find meats, cold cuts, cheese to match with various types of bread.