Discounts and reductions for the best parks of Riccione

Hotel Mon Pays in the centre of Riccione will take you to Aquafan and Oltremare, among the best theme and fun parks in Europe. At the Hotel you will find discounted admission tickets, ask Daniela and Raffaella!

Aquafan – The most famous water park in Europe

90 thousand m2 of greenery on the hills of Riccione with over 3 km of slides from the kamikaze to the Extreme River, from the Speedriul to the Fiume Rapido, and the brand new StrizzaCool and Tobagas… As well as the huge Poseidon Wave Pool, the foam dance, the entertainment, shows, and characters, great events and live broadcasting of radio Deejay… Aquafan is also the top children’s kingdom with 3 special water games and entertainment areas. Summer is no summer without Aquafan!


At the Oltremare theme park in Riccione, opened in 2004, you will discover the fascinating sea world and everything to do with the formation of the Earth and evolution of life. This truly spectacular theme park on the Riccione foothills is completely surrounded by greenery and dedicated to green issues and conservation themes.

Your day at Oltremare will take place among fascinating routes, events, and shows:

  • The Dolphin lagoon is the largest dolphinarium in Europe with 12 dolphins that put on exciting and involving shows against a backdrop of a rocky bay.
  • The Farm is an area that gives children the chance to meet animals that live in the countryside close up: chickens, pigs, sheep, ducks, and courtyard animals.
  • The Flight of Birds of Prey with flying and hunting displays is a chance to admire beautiful examples of Lanner falcons, Peregrine falcons, Ferruginous hawks, Snowy owls, Royal owls, Barn owls, and Tawny eagles.
  • The Seahorse route is the largest sea horse show in the world, which you can admire close up in 9 different habitats.
  • Along the Darwin route you can experience evolution on earth by walking among alligators, dinosaur traces, orchids, and rain forests.
  • The Planet Earth route is really fascinating. Here you can watch the formation of planet Earth from the Big Bang to our days with breathtaking effects.
  • In addition, there is an IMAX cinema in the park with a giant 600 m2 screen (the biggest in Europe) and a variety of films in which the force of nature is the star in 3D, too, with special effects that will make you feel like you are really swimming in the abysses, riding oceanic waves, or travelling through space.

Parco Perle D’Acqua

Hotel Mon Pays in the centre of Riccione also takes care of your relaxation by providing you with an entire Thermal Spa Centre that has a special deal agreement with the Hotel: Parco Perle D’Acqua in Riccione. Relaxing massages, steam baths, and whirlpools are just a taster!

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